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n laughed, letting him push and shake his hands: “Good! “Pause, Xu Zhengxun raised his hand and pushed him away, screaming: “I said that I will transfer the property to you tomorrow!” ! “Han Guo sat down and sneered: “Fuck you.” Sure enough, the richer, the more stingy. At this point you can make him a clever bastard. “Xu Zhengxun sighed and waved his hand with a smile: “Okay, I won’t tell you now. You can check your account tomorrow.” Han Guo smiled and nodded: “Brother waited. It’s like how rich you are. One million dollars, that’s not Korean won. “Xu Zhengxun laughed: “Don’t tell me, find a little bit that allows me to look down on you. It turns out that I have always been really richer than you. But it feels good to be able to look down at you…hehe. “Han Guo’s guitar was raised before he finished talking, and Xu Zhengxun naturally didn’t know how to say it. “Go ahead. “Han Guo put the guitar aside, the smoke just disappeared after a few puffs. Han Guo lit another one and signaled Xu Zhengxun. Xu Zhengxu