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erson into the abyss of the demon in just a few minutes, which eliminated any kind of erosion in the history of the organization. It was almost fatal in an instant, and it did not even have the time to resist. .

What’s next? Out of control?

Lorenzo also knows a lot about the original sin armor. They are somewhat similar 西安夜生活网 to the demon hunters, and they will cause terrible damage when they lose control. This degree of erosion, presumably the pump of perpetual motion has paid a great price to control it. The

absence of this is its strangeness.

Merlin shook his head, empty eye pupil keeping a close eye dark things in that light shines, as the Alchemist, Merlin ever seen a lot of strange things, can never have a thing that he was so tough , The whole body is full of unexplorable unknowns.

know? When I was young, when I first came into contact with demons, my world was shattered and occupied by the fear brought about by this abomination. But under this long-term contact, I have become a monster that devours reason. but feel used to it. Merlin said.

like all day with the Tigers as partners, over time, will feel that it is 新西安夜网 just a ferocious big cats only. Lorenzo replied that he so often to describe demons.

our Common sense is partly based on habit. I am used to the sun rising from the east, so I feel that the sun rising from the east is’common sense’. But on a certain morning in the hazy morning, a demon named monster appears in In our world, it broke our common sense of the world.

Merlin said and turned to look at Lorenzo, the stiff 西安夜生活论坛 face showed a rare expression

that Lorenzo could understand. It was afraid, It was awe and fear. Lorenzo became nervous for a moment. What could make this knowledgeable alchemist feel afraid?

Mr. Holmes, are you still afraid of demons? Or maybe you are surprised by their existence?

Lorenzo couldn’t understand what he said, so he shook his head in confusion.

I don’t know what you mean . Go hunting for monsters when they appear, isn’t it all right?

Yes, as