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Description: This is a magic item made with a lot of precious metals. It has been destroyed for the bearer to resist a lethal attack.

Note: What is contained in it is not only magical power, but your alchemy level is not enough to repair it…]

“Isn’t it not only magical power?” Ivan looked at the explanation at the end of the crescent moon pendant and fell into In contemplation.



Chapter 164 The Possibility of Fusion of Multiple

Bloodlines Ivan remembered the protective magic that Lily Potter had set on Harry.

In the tone of the old principal, that is the power of love!

Ivan’s current magic knowledge cannot 西安夜生活网 understand how this power works, and the curse he came into contacted called God’s guardian to turn emotions into power. Magic.

However, what Ivan can confirm is that this pendant was definitely not made in the past one or two years. This can be seen from the slight wear on the metal material.

Ivan’s alchemy knowledge told him that the crescent moon pendant was made more than ten years ago!

Putting away this precious pendant, Ivan took the Horcrux diary book deep in the closet Coming out, secretly hiding from Esiah, leaving the house, found an empty place nearby, and planted a silent magic.

It was approaching midnight, and the quietness in Knockdown Alley was a bit scary, and the surrounding area was gray. Only the moonlight in the sky brought a little light.

Ivan adjusted his state and planned to destroy 西安耍耍网 Voldemort’s Horcrux.

Perhaps it was sensing something was wrong, the Horcrux diary automatically flipped, and lines of ink on it gradually appeared.

【what happened? Hals, what are you taking me here for? ]

Ivan smiled, with a quill written word in the diary.

[Of course it is to practice some magic, it is not very convenient at home!]

Ivan does not have the habit of being an narrator before the enemy’s death, so 西安夜网论坛 that the enemy’s death is unclear to meet his expectations.

Tom Riddle in the diary fell into a short silence. Ivan’s words didn