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Lawrence who is near, Eve takes a deep breath, seems to calm down, and then sincerely said to Seleu.


Very happy. Knowing you, Miss Seleu Stuart.

Soon after Lawrence came, although his body was old, there was secret blood flowing in him, and the rising power dragged the mortal body to the place of jealousy, so he was dying. The blood became young again, plucking a scarlet trajectory, and came straight to Eve. The

sharp spiked sword turned into a blazing thunder, and the dead soul under the sword screamed 新西安夜网 to welcome Eve to join, and then kept in her eyes. Zoom in. The time of

death is approaching. At

that moment, memories are scattered in Eve’s vision like broken crystals, and the mirror of every fragment reflects Eve’s past, from small to large, from the first ride to the first day Join the police station. For

a moment, Eve seemed to understand the purpose of the Duke of Phoenix. The island as her dowry 西安耍耍网 would be her paradise, and the Duke of Phoenix would become the strongest shield to block all dangers. , I will live happily in that paradise instead of dying here. The

Duke of Phoenix is ??she, but this is not very understandable, like a sweet candy, good but Eve sometimes can’t Accepted. But

suddenly there was a heavy footstep sound, that is, someone was rushing here, with thousands of horses. 西安夜网论坛 It was

too late to think about who came, and the high-pitched voice sounded, accompanied by a thunderous boom.

As if realizing something, Eve instinctively hugged the side. The whole wall shattered in the next moment, and the black armor was burning with blazing fireworks. He passed over the two people’s heads like falling white stars.

Without stopping, the black knight waved the heavy The big sword 西安夜生活第一论坛网directly hit the galloping Lawrence, just like swinging a baseball, the scarlet shadow was knocked out, and then sank into the other end of the field of vision and sank into the ruins.

dust dissipated with the rising fireworks, and the jagged armor was like piles of dry bones. He breathed d