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whispers are constantly ringing in his ears, and the voices are from far and near, surrounding Lorenzo , As if countless invisible spirits were telling him the evil in the darkness.

He could feel that something sticky was entwining him, a sharp sting came from his back, and old rust appeared in his mouth. Wei Na is blood.


Under this unknown force, the existing ghosts and the old underground entities began to communicate in confusion and fell on the verge of collapse. The

pressure increased, the function of the body issued an alarm, and the heart beat violently. a.

far in old underground spirit London, flashing red dark angel, electrodes extending from the flesh and mechanical distortions in the projected, which are disposed in advance Lorenzo’s body, it can now Merlin View Chaluo Renzo’s condition.

All the indices are rising. After the black angel enters this weird state, the erosion fluctuations become not strong, almost too low to perceive. This level cannot erode others at all, but it is enough to A touch of white stained with a little ash, planted down the beacon.

this has nothing to do with the present. Merlin’s erosion of this intensity in the early morning 西安夜生活第一论坛网can’t create such a phenomenon. Lorenzo must be experiencing something. The

nightmare is still there. Continuing, everything happened so fast and so long, those burning eyes stared at the illusory shadow, he was locked by the new pope, and there was no chance to escape, and even his body and mind were dragged into 西安桑拿网 it. In the terrifying hell.

In fact, there is a misunderstanding that Lorenzo has never paid attention to it.

He is a hunter. Demon, a demon hunter with secret blood, the moment Lorenzo picked up the nail sword, the main enemy he faced was the demon, not other demon hunters.

Lorenzo knew or knew part of it. The power of the demon hunter, but before the night of the holy night, he has not really fought with other demon hunters in the real sense, and naturally he cannot know the true power of those powers.