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why don’t you go to the Fairy Garden twice? Richard quickly arched Sauron with his shoulders, and the latter immediately became angry. Chapter One Hundred and One Can all capable? By the way, our Majesty Richard stretched out his hand and clicked on his browbone. Those gray cloudy eyeballs are still 西安桑拿按摩 vividly visible. Are they not very good eyesight? It’s not too good, it’s almost completely invisible. Sauron whispered, but then shrugged, but this is not a problem for His Majesty Sargerei. why? Lord Lord’s curiosity was aroused. After all, the senses are very personal, and once it is missing, it is difficult to make up for it with more power and money. The servant may be able to scrub the table and wash the floor for the master, but he can never do the same thing as smelling flowers, listening to birds, and tasting delicacies, because it is meaningless. Your Majesty’s own vindictive cultivation is very profound. Sauron suddenly stretched out his hand to remove the mage badge he had been wearing on his chest, and threw it into his inner pocket, leaving only another official medal, so he could sense the outside world with the help of 西安全城安排网 grudge and mental power, just like his eyes. Amazing! Richard opened the curtains of the carriage and blew a loud whistle to the passing Nightingale, which drew a sweet smile. Your Majesty is indeed gifted. Sauron snapped his fingers, and the curtains were blown by the sudden breeze. If I chose to concentrate on the magic path, I would hope to advance 西安桑拿网 to the middle-level mage, but who told me to take charge of the Noble House. After all, human energy is limited, and the so-called extraordinary talents are just relatively abundant on this basis, and they can never be truly endless. If you make a statistics on the successive kings of various countries, leaving aside those who just don’t care about things, it is not difficult to find that most of the truly diligent kings are fairly average. Not because these people are so clever and stupid, but because the governance itself is