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t evil, Renette Tinicole!

Amon stole the historical pore image summoned by Klein!

Renette Tiniker’s red eyes immediately reflected the figure of one hundred secret puppets of Klein.

Silently, those secret puppets who looked like Klein or were in monster state gleamed. It has become a goat with horns on its head, a 新西安夜网white rabbit, and other different animals.

Deformation curse!

Klein’s body has long since disappeared, and he walked out from the flames of the leather lantern.

He glanced at the various animals that might be called himself, and suddenly sat down again, hehe laughed : A

walk after a meal can effectively improve your health.

He didn’t mention what he was trying to escape just now, as if nothing happened.

Amon maintained his 西安夜生活网 previous leisurely posture, and nodded very cooperatively with a smile:

I have seen many humans The book he wrote does have such a point of view. At

this point, he raised his finger to the projection of Renette Tinecol outside:

This is your messenger?

This is something that can be easily confirmed, Klein Without concealing it, he hummed and nodded.

What a pity. Amon looked up and down Renette Tinicor’s projection, and shook his head.


Klein felt the food in the stomach pouch disappear one by one.

I asked:

What a pity? I should take you to wait a few days in Backlund. Then, I can wait until your messenger sends you a letter, and then he will become my messenger. Amon pushed down The monocle in the right eye smiled and said, stealing an angel-level messenger. This is very 西安耍耍网 challenging and fun, isn’t it? Life always requires some fun, excitement and anticipation.

I think so too. Ryan responded sincerely Ammon’s words.

Unfortunately, Dai Amon steeple bonnet and shook his head, ‘night’ is to be careful of the object, and then stay down, I do not know what will happen.

Yuehua Jian, which The angel of time relieved the maintenance of the historical pore image of Renette Tinicole, and made him disappear in front of Klein.

Are 西安夜生活网 you right, the