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Stone School is like this. My teacher told me that when encountering the Dragon Stone School of neurosis, I should have a fight first, and then I will have a conversation. . ” ”

encounter any guy in school, your teacher will let you hit a meal of it! ”

after the two men were waiting for 西安耍耍网 a long time, decided to eat up his mind when they see Ye Qingxuan hand, snuffed The lights on the table are off. The light dimmed.

Barlow’s body shook and he almost slid off the chair, sweating and panting.

As if struggling from the suffocation of the deep sea, he gasped, his lips were faintly purplish, his fingers 西安夜生活第一论坛网 trembled, and the sweat fell from his hair to the collar.

Miller reached out to take care of his situation, but he waved to refuse.

“I give up.”

He panted and looked up at Ye Qingxuan. Although he was not reconciled, he still squeezed a voice from his teeth: “In the ruins, I listen to you.”

So Ye Qingxuan laughed.

“Then, happy cooperation.”

Look at Chapter 330.

Late at night, there is silence.

Above the sky, on the side of the floating clouds, there was a figure silently overlooking the city below his feet. He was holding a note and a quill in his hand, recording in silence.

In the eyes of the stars, the infinite stars are reflected.

Behind him, Yun Qi silently condensed 西安桑拿网 into a faint silhouette: “Master Koch, what’s the situation?”

“Everything is normal.”

Master Koch pulled off a page 西安夜生活网 and handed it to him: “Violation of the order of the Holy City, because of private There are nineteen musicians involved in the fight.”

“There are so many self-righteous children.”

Yunqi figure took a note and took a look, nodded: “Playing under the eyelids of the Silent Organization? It’s unruly but unruly. It will suffer.”

Master Koch still looked down 新西安夜网 at the city under his feet. When the bell rang at midnight, his record finally stopped.

In the notes, there are names.

As of 12 o’clock last night, after the last participant Ye Qingxuan arrived, there are currently a total of 160 musi