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with a not meager salary, or just use it as a reputation Titles, only participate in discussions and voting when there are major issues. The

church is very 西安耍耍网 efficient . Klein has set up the shelf for a while, and feels that since he has donated more than 10,000 pounds, there is no need to get a salary. , It’s better to do things thoroughly

, so I thought about it and said : as an honorary title, but I hope to participate in the actual operation of the fund occasionally, and contribute extra strength to its promotion to help more people.

I will give you The idea was conveyed to the church. Walter 西安夜网论坛 responded seriously, if you have no other questions and nothing else, it is best to witness the official establishment of this fund on Wednesday morning.

Klein picked up the bone china cup and drank the black tea ceremony :

Okay. On the

Golden Dream, Danitz stood in front of the deck, looking sadly at the turbulent blue sea ahead. After

being urged 西安夜生活论坛 by Gehrman Sparrow again, he felt that he could not delay any longer, or else. It may become a bounty when

I am asleep . I don’t want to fall asleep and become a pile of banknotes . I am suspected of being suspected! Danitz grinned for a while, gathered courage, went through the hatch, and went straight to the captain’s room. .

in the case of a short time could not find Anderson. Hood, he can only go in the face of the iceberg Aidewenna 新西安夜网 Edwards.

after arrival, Dani Zi made three deep breaths before even he raised his right hand ,

Was about to knock on the door.

At this moment , the voice of Lieutenant Bingberg came out from inside:

Please come in. Danitz paused to hold his right hand, squeezed a smile, and opened the door.

He immediately saw his captain sitting behind the 西安夜生活网 desk, holding With a deep red absorbent pen, I don’t know .

Captain, I have something to ask you. Danitz moved closer, bent over slightly, and said with a smile.

Edwina put down the pen and pulled the lace to form a flower Looking at Danitz’s shirt cuffs like a b