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, Klein asked himself that he could not maintain it for too long, maybe a few minutes , Even after dozens of seconds, the convergence will continue uncontrollably, bringing about unbearable changes.

Haha, this is also a kind of fusion. Klein laughed in 西安耍耍网 an unstable mood.

Then, he fooled him. The Lenthost brass book, let it enter the sealed state, and flew into the pile of debris.

Then, Klein left the source castle and stepped to the star realm composed of symbols and authority.

It seems to be similar to the starry sky, dark, deep, and vast, but in reality it has many peculiarities.For example, if you clearly see a sun-like star hanging in the distance, it emits normal light and heat. Find a way to get closer, and without damage, you will find that the star realm there is like a black curtain. The sun is directly painted with oil paint, and there are a bunch of concepts and symbols gathered around.

Moreover, the sun is not painted so well, just It’s like a kid who doesn’t have the artistic skills to do graffiti at will, which is both funny and frightening. 西安夜网论坛

From another level, this may be a manifestation of the chaos and madness of the underlying rules. As

soon as Klein entered here, he immediately felt invisible gazes.

They have Some of them came from the area protected by the world barrier, and some came from a wider area, with obvious malice.

Klein’s mouth turned up uncontrollably, and he suddenly turned his head and looked back outside the world barrier. Raised the slippery and evil tentacles.

This with the pair of star-cast eyes and crystal monocles also turned.

Suddenly, all the gazes from the starry sky shrank, leaving only a round of hand-painted The red moon was still hanging there, flashing light.

Haha. Klein laughed and came to the outside of the dark country full of night vanilla and deep-sleeping flowers.

At the same 西安夜生活第一论坛网 time, the goddess of the night wears a long layer of star dust. skirt appeared in the edge of the kingdom of God, his face covered with a thin transluc