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Joe on the shoulder hard.

“Joe, I didn’t expect you to perform so well at the Military University. You missed more than two months of classes, and you actually got the first place among freshmen 西安夜网论坛 in the monthly exam last month… I don’t know. , Are you too smart, or the students of the military university are too stupid.”

“However, this is a good thing.” Salian tilted his head and looked up and down Joe: “Change to a new uniform and bring the manpower available to you. , Follow me to the Lanyin Corridor. Jules Silverhammer and others have handcrafted a batch of new-style armaments these days, and I am going to test it in the Lanyin Corridor.”

Looking at the flying snow outside the window, Salian said in a deep voice. Said: “According to the usual practice, the plateau empire will launch a series of attacks when it comes to this weather. The emperor has already planted bait in the Lanyin Corridor. I believe they will give us a ruthless idea… This also happened to me.

Let’s go together.” Joe looked at Salian 西安夜生活网 in amazement: “His Royal Highness? At this time, this weather, go to Lanyin Corridor? How long will it take us on the road? One month? Two months!”

“No, one day!” Salian calmed down. He patted Joe’s broken uniform: “Never underestimate the empire’s heritage. Although it is a bit expensive to use, it is sometimes worth it.”

“Let’s go to the Lanyin Corridor for actual combat tests, a quick fight, and go. Hurry back…about half a month later, we happened to take your brother Golkin back to the Imperial Capital for the New Year’s banquet.”

“Perfect plan, hurry up, take action!”

Salian began to give a quick high five, urging Qiao Da Step out of the meeting room.

Chapter 361 Antiquities

Dark night, heavy snow all over the sky.

The dazzling light fell from the sky, and a large war airship roared through the clouds, slowly descending to a low altitude only a hundred feet from the headquarters building of the Ministry of Supervision.

The cold wind slapped the huge body of the airsh