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caught between the two, looked helpless.

“Playing Quidditch will not hinder You become an excellent wizard. Professor McGonagall was also an excellent seeker when she was young. Look, she is better than anyone else in metamorphosis. You are her proud student, how can you not What about playing Quidditch?”

Yes, Albert is Professor McGonagall’s proud protégé, at least some people think so.

Although he heard Charlie say that, Albert was quite happy, he actually understood Charlie Why do several people care so much about this matter.

No way, Gryffindor hasn’t won the Quidditch championship for several years.

Albert actually doesn’t care much about it, because after Charlie graduated, there was Harry Potter as the top cylinder. The spotter’s seat is naturally

placed on top of Potter.

Yes, 西安耍耍网 please call him: Harry the savior Potter. Although in Albert’s eyes, he is a top player.

“Ah!” Albert After sitting on the edge of the bed, reaching out to cover a yawn, he picked up the pillow beside him and smacked at the Weasley brothers who were tap dancing in the dormitory and singing incomplete songs.

Merlin’s beard, is this the legendary singing Are there any 新西安夜网 after-effects of the meeting?

In fact, it is no wonder that the two are excited. It is a rare thing to hear Cetina Warbeck’s concert on the spot.

“By the way, should we go for a night tour?” George suggested. .

“another day, threw the pillow.” Albert took Fred, raising his hand to throw over the pillow, and covered a yawn, lay back in bed, eat after easily fall asleep.

Chapter 97 blood Quidditch Qi (1) After

entering November, snowflakes began to float in the gray sky, and the weather became extremely cold.

Wake up from his dream, Albert found that the forests around the castle were covered with white snow, and the black lake was also Frozen with a layer of hard ice.

Everyone said that the winter came very early this year. Albert himself didn’t care much about the changes in the 西安夜网论坛 weather. Before the temperature dropped, he had