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ere are two grid areas.

At this point, it happens to be the end of a round of casting points. In fact, at the end of each round, it will end with Mr. Vali’s casting points.

Then there is the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 life reduction of the cast point. This round of life 新西安夜网 reduction, if it is not too lucky, it can basically be resisted.

Before the new round of action to cast points, the masters once again began to extract the function in the box, Mr. Cavalli put his palm on the box, and directly grabbed a function card out.

He smiled slightly, placed this new function card in the preparation area, and ended all his rounds.

Finally got one of the invincible decks.

At this time, the masters also extracted the function cards accordingly. Basically, all the function cards are covered. This game brings the biggest change, only one.

That’s Mr. Snape’s partner. In the preparation area of ??the Black Dog, there are also many function cards, but some of the function cards are directly exposed from the front, and some are covered indiscriminately.

This is obviously not a tactic, it is just the random placement of the black dog, but most of the function cards that have been exposed, almost reveal the details of Mr. Snef.

He is like an opponent who shows his cards at the beginning of the game is probably the easiest to ignore, and there is hardly anyone who wins.

At the beginning of a new round of casting points, it was still Miss Gong Linna’s casting points. She had not moved 西安夜网论坛 for several rounds, and the action points remained.

The casting point this time is 6 o’clock.

Miss Gong Linna’s follower Tang Tianlin still did not move this action point and automatically counted it into the next round of action points.

“Oh? It seems that the servant of the elder sister really encountered a very difficult incident. It has been several rounds and has not been resolved. Have you resumed action.”

“Yes.” Miss Gong Linna was pitiful and weak at this time. Face, sighed: “It seems that the follower I found is not so good, and I am