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rising gains and magic.

At least most of the wands that the old wizard brought out for the little guys to experiment with will still have some effect. In other words, if you use the match rate to describe it, then at least they are qualified to the range of good.

However, this does not 西安夜生活网 mean that a person cannot use those wands that did not choose her.

In fact, as long as a qualified person The wizards should be able to use almost any tool to show their magic, just like those wizards who used swords, tree-breaking branches, maces, shields, and bones to perform magic in ancient times.

However, according to modern magic 西安夜生活论坛 In the exploration of the world, the current best effect of universal magic amplification still comes from the close combination between wizards and magic wands. This is a complex and sophisticated process and connection, not just a stack of wood and magical biological tissue. For example, a magic wand with a phoenix feather wand core is not necessarily stronger than a wand with a magical prawn wand 西安夜生活论坛 core.

Therefore, before Luna obtains her own exclusive wand, it is not a big problem to choose a decent wand at will for a year. After all, in the lower grades of Hogwarts, there are also many cases of using other people’s old wands. The

most obvious example is Neville and Ron. One person uses his father’s wand, and the other uses his brother’s old wand. Although from the results, it does limit their magical power, but it 西安桑拿网 does not. Influencing them to learn magic.

Elena tilted her head for a moment, glanced at Luna Lori who was a little confused, and softly comforted.

“The magic wand will echo the existence of the wizard. Many people even insist that the magic wand has emotions. , Will take the initiative to learn from the wizard, and the wizard will also learn something from the magic wand. Of course, it 西安夜生活网 must be a fit. This batch of wands is probably not a special fit for you, but I will use it temporarily, but it is not That’s too big a problem.”

“Then I will choose.”