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ght-armed snake demon can’t take care of so much. The violent explosion dissipated the fog, and the demon on the battlefield saw the scene in the fog. The eight-armed snake demon with blood-burning blood was suspended in the air. On the ground, the dragon’s breath in the mouth of the white dragon lord re-bred, and ambush in the distance. The golden dragon at the other end flew quickly towards the battlefield. The Eight-armed Snake Demon gave the White Dragon Lord a fierce look, and immediately turned and fled. 西安全城安排网 In the control room of the White Tower, the Master Owen had been prepared and instantly cast a legendary magic. The big net woven by purple arcane energy covered the eight-armed snake demon, one icy blue, first-rate gold and two dragon breaths toward the big net in the sky. At this time, the surrounding space was blocked, the body was controlled by the magic net, and there was only deep despair in the heart of the eight-armed snake demon. you guys! Damn it! The eight-armed snake demon took the initiative to detonate the energy in the body just before the two dragon breaths. Seeing this, the golden dragon charging forward, retreated at a faster speed than before, and released its energy, causing its body to curl into a ball. Lord White Dragon also immediately stopped breathing the dragon’s breath, and read a few bytes in his mouth. The earth under him seemed to have become a pool of water, and Lord White Dragon quickly sank into the depths of the earth. In the control room of the White Tower, Master Owen hurriedly controlled the purple magic net and dragged the eight-armed snake demon from the net to the sky. Boom! The explosion sounded through the sky, and the hot white light illuminated 西安桑拿网 the entire world. Then the shock wave generated by the explosion hit the ground, and the soldiers and demons on the ground were blown into flight. Only the White Tower triggered the defense mechanism. A transparent magic barrier enveloped the White Tower, standing like a huge pillar in the violent shock wave. A