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ve to pay back the money, and if you don’t pay, send the sword back. The dwarf unhappily took out a small brass pipe and lit a bag of tobacco leaves. It would be a pity to bury a good sword. This behavior is more like a dwarf blacksmith. Sometimes they would rather lose money to send a good weapon to the right person. Because blacksmiths will believe that all works that have been devoted to them are alive. Although dwarves 西安耍耍网 are close relatives of dwarves, they have always been known for being marketable, shrewd, and unrefined. They naturally regard gold as their life. In their eyes, not being able to pay means nothing, and it doesn’t matter whether a sword is worthy of a hero. I used to dream of becoming the greatest blacksmith in Ironforge. I was, but ultimately, only an apprentice. Negan spread his hands and sighed helplessly. The dwarf was not strong enough. I understand that I used to be a geometer for my life plan. Richard bent his arm and looked at his developed biceps with a complex expression. The two shared a bag of tobacco leaves in silence, nodding their heads, and they parted. Chapter 8 Welcome to the Wasteland. Within a one-day trip from Coron to the north, it belongs to the actual control area of ??Pompeii. There are large and small human 西安桑拿按摩 settlements, and the conditions are good in all aspects. Going further north, and gradually getting out of the range of the security forces’ daily patrols, everything gradually got worse. On this vast land, there are many tribes, large and small, including humans, as well as alien races such as bear goblins, jackals, or savages. They usually rely on grazing and hunting to make ends meet, and they never mind being a robber once they have the opportunity. Perhaps for these tribes in a semi-ignorant state, there is no difference between robbing pedestrians and hunting elk. From the second day on, a small tail has been falling behind the convoy. At first, a few wild people followed behind the convoy, trying to pick up some leftover leftovers to fill their