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them went downstairs and took a taxi. Hurry to Olsna Street.

On the way, Coenli glanced at the sealed artifact “30217” in his palm, and said with a slight tension:

“This is the first time I have participated in such a dangerous operation.”

Under normal circumstances, 西安桑拿网 the night watcher would not use the seal to deal with extraordinary events. Things.

When I went to the town of Morse to solve the supernatural incident, I applied for the “Mutated Sun Sacred Symbol” to prevent accidents. Because the distance is too far, the rescue must be too late. This time, the target is almost certain to be an extraordinary person in the 新西安夜网 middle sequence.

“Don’t worry, maybe Mrs. Xuelun has already run away.” Klein smiled.

Frankly speaking, he is no less nervous than Coenli.

Dunn’s gray eyes turned, and he looked at him helplessly and said:

“We try not to let Mrs. Sharon run away.”

Twenty minutes later, the three night watchers arrived on Olsner Street and saw the garden in the darkness and Mrs. Sharon’s house. They were crawling there quietly, as if nothing happened.

Klein took off the pendulum in the cuff of his left wrist, and quickly started divination: 西安夜网论坛

“There is danger in it.”

“There is danger in it.”

He said silently seven times. He opened his eyes and saw the citrine pendant turning clockwise, both in amplitude and speed. medium.

This shows that there is danger in it, not high, but not low

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Chapter 197 Operation (second ask for monthly pass)

is dangerous, not high or low.

This means Mrs. Sharon While still in the house, he did not abscond.

Klein froze for a moment, and immediately figured out the reason:

he used the method of “summoning” himself into a stranger state to search the safe, searched the mezzanine inside, and did not force open the lock. No hidden machinery or other things were touched, so it is normal for Mrs. Sharon not to notice that the secret has been discovered. She would only think that it was a thief who robbed the house