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the slope, then stood up straight and said to Kurz, “Look, this is us. The walls to be built in the mountain city must be high and thick, and they must be made of stones. Only such a strong wall can withstand the large-scale corpse tide. Well, having said that, these walls really need a lot of stones. Stones are indeed a problem.”

Kurz’s thoughts followed my thoughts immediately. He scratched his head and frowned, contemplating for a long time before saying: “Then I will take the people from the tribe to collect stones in Yelian Mountain. Came back all the stones with the argali!”

“You do that, even if you can’t finish repairing this section of the city wall under my feet for a hundred years!” I said with a black face.

“What should I do then?” Kurz was a little embarrassed, looking very simple.

I blinked at him, patted the wallet on his belt, and said to him, “Use this!”

Kurz looked down and asked me dumbly: “Magic crystal?”

“We have to learn to be good at using our advantages!” I felt that I didn’t say what I wanted 西安夜生活论坛 to express, so I continued to explain to Kurz: “This year is a catastrophe year, and the entire West Wilderness has no food. I don’t know how many hungry orcs there are! Many chiefs of tribes must be the same as Horsens. In order to fill the stomachs of their tribes, they have probably racked their brains. If this is normal, maybe a spring hunt, big The famine will be hit by the piles of raw meat from the devil antelope without a trace, but this year is different, because last year there was a war between gray dwarves and orcs, and not only many gray dwarf robbers were killed, but also young orc warriors. A lot of people died. There must be many tribes and Raitu tribes in the same predicament. Even if countless raw meat jerky is injected into the whole orc tribe, they can’t afford it.”

I think it’s necessary to break things 新西安夜网 up and carefully. Di said to Kurz: “It’s like they can’t afford brown bread. Spring hunting has passed. Those tribes who are unable to catch still