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t like me, they were implicated in.”

“I want to clean up the crime, I need an ally!” In the

carriage, there was a little bruise on his forehead. 西安耍耍网 The whole body was clean and neat, and the young man who didn’t suffer much harm nodded his head and stretched out his right hand to Simon: “We are partners, your enemy is my enemy, he should not pit me into the family behind me and me , Help you!”

Simon nodded, and then successively opened the doors of this carriage and several other imprisoned carriages, and quickly reached a 西安夜生活网 consensus with the unlucky fellows inside.

Outside the carriage, gunshots and guns continued, and heat waves hit, and Lieutenant General Otto was showing off.

Simon had already reached a tacit agreement with a few hapless guys through brief discussions. In this derailed carriage, a group of young people from the imperial capital, aristocrats and giants, used the highest efficiency to form an anti-Qiao alliance!

“We need more 西安桑拿网 allies.” Simon’s face was very gloomy: “The accusation he planted on me is terrible, and the evidence he showed is terrible. Even if we join forces, our strength is still not enough.”

“Haine . Wei, Marcos, “the other a hapless said quickly:”! If you can contact them, they must be happy together and this time, they may be damned fat harms ”

the attackers struck madness, when caught in the fighting, Simon sneaked out half of his body from the car window and looked around.

Joe saw Simon at first sight.

Even if Simon had already activated the instinct of Abyss Mayfly, his sense of existence was weakened to the extreme.

But it was dawn after all at this moment, and it was not the best moment for the instinct of the Abyss Mayfly. On the battlefield, Joe’s fighting instinct and fighting instinct 西安夜网论坛 were too powerful.

Joe found Simon.

Joe felt the strongest malice and hostility towards him from Simon.

A streamer passed by Joe, and Joe flicked his finger on the tail of the crossbow.

The thin crossbow arrow suddenly broke out with a sharp sound of