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f glasses.

Yes, Mr. Fool. Cattleya realized the glasses as instructed. In

the process, Klein slightly pryed the power above the gray mist and merged them into the pair of glasses.

When Cattleya put it on, it couldn’t come out.

Unexpectedly, it was discovered that the eyes of secret secrets were sealed. The magician Forsi and others did not understand until this time that the eyes of Lady Hermit were very special, related to secret secrets, and could be used without opening them!

No wonder we didn’t notice anything. , Ms. the Hermit suffered serious trauma from peeping at Mr. Fool, Justice Audrey moved her lips suddenly, and solved a previous doubt.

But thinking that the Hermit had looked at herself before, and thought of passing through the storm church here The hanged man Alger’s face almost turned black in his priesthood costume.

Klein the Fool did not wait for the members to calm down, and responded with a low smile to Cattleya the Hermit’s question: it

’s the projection.’King of

Giants The projection of the Court.

It turned 西安夜生活论坛 out that it was the projection of the Court of Giants . Cattleya, the hermit, murmured in surprise.

Immediately, she thought in a daze:

She should also know the answer. Derrick

Sun took a few seconds to digest After the conversation between Mr. Fool and Ms. Hermit, I vaguely understood a fact: the key to enter the land of God’s Abandonment is related to the projection of the King’s Court of Giants!

So, the key to leaving the land of God’s Abandoned Land is really in the Court of Giants? Sun Daili Ke’s heart trembled, and he bowed his head a little excitedly:

Thank you for your answer, Mr. Fool.

Hu Klein quietly breathed a sigh of relief, only to feel that such a scene simply consumes brain cells. The

Hanged Man Alger restrained his emotions. , Glanced around, looked at the hermit and 西安夜网论坛 said:

Where is the projection of

the’Giant Court’?

He did not dare to ask Mr. Fool about this, because he had been rejected on the issue of the Aband