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eet cracked, loud noises burst, the dragon-slaying spear screamed, cut the air, smashed the bloody rain curtain, hot steam rose into the sky, the glow of molten gold Roared.


Perfect spur!

From the posture of the spur to Ye Qingxuan’s figure being penetrated, the time in between seemed to be cut off, fast enough to surpass the human reaction nerve.

By unraveling the structure of the human body, the chanter found that the limit frequency of the human eye capturing the picture is twenty-four times per second. In other words, if something happens in the twenty-fourth of a second, then Humans have no time to react.

Obviously, Lancelot’s attack was so terrible that it was above the naked eye.

Nothing left!

If it hadn’t been for Ye Qingxuan to spread the Moonlight Thought Line on the entire battlefield, I am afraid that he had already given the lead under this blow. At the

last moment, it was the Clothes of Original Sin that saved Ye Qingxuan.

When the Moonlight Thought Line transmitted the sensed changes back, the interpretation method got the result, and then, the corresponding plan preset in 西安夜生活论坛 the clothing of original sin was activated.

The theory of change music automatically activates the exoskeleton mimicry, and the “vacuum sun” supported by Xiaoyuan brings a terrifying instantaneous explosive force, pulling him backwards.

Ten meters back.

Before he could react, his face felt hot and painful, and his eyes turned black.

The capillaries ruptured and the eyeballs were congested.

No need to look, Ye Qingxuan knew how embarrassed he was now.

Staring fiercely at Lancelot’s armor, Ye Qingxuan understood something in a daze, and narrowed his eyes:

“Although it seems that most of the last battle between you and the Dark Lord was acting. But since the last time I saw your armor After that, I have always been curious-at that moment, are you interested in revealing what happened, 西安夜网论坛 and explaining it for me?” During the

confrontation, hot steam spouted from the gaps in Lancelot’