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mething. He looked at Lorenzo.

Ask again. Mr. Lorenzo Holmes, who do you think you are?

who am I?

Lorenzo looked at Anthony’s gaze. For some reason, Lorenzo felt a little pity.

The man in front of him was pitying himself, like a doctor treating a dying patient.

I am Lorenzo Holmer S.

This name is Venus, it is a wish The incarnation is something that Lorenzo will never abandon, but now he has a bit of hesitation when he speaks it out of his mouth. Lorenzo can’t figure out why this is.


Anthony asked again, and Lorenzo knew he was there. What to ask.


Loren Zo forced himself to become firm, 西安耍耍网 and said forcefully.

Suddenly the reply came to a halt, and Anthony looked at Lorenzo pitifully, and for a moment it seemed as if the entire conference room had become some hell of a funeral, and Lorenzo was the dead. Anthony is the priest of Mass, and the others are the families of the deceased. As the truth is revealed a little bit, the heavy and humid soil is filled with Lorenzo’s body.

You really are contaminated 西安夜网论坛 by the false Holy Grail.

What are you talking about!

Lorenzo felt For a while,

it was a day of rest, but so many hell things suddenly appeared, like you were sitting on a train, and suddenly the train derailed. When you crawled out of the wreckage, you found in the dark red world , The demons laughed at

you . Your number is 047!

Anthony roared and threw the documents in his hand over. The

documents were scattered, but there was a page slipped to Lorenzo’s eyes. The black-and-white photo on the photo shows the man so similar to Lorenzo.

This is your name.

Anthony looked at Lorenzo who was shaking slightly and said mercilessly.

This is you, number 047, The demon hunter named Medanzo.

Chapter 75 The funeral

is a strange feeling, Lorenzo can hardly describe it, but he can really feel the sudden anger in his heart , This is not aimed at Anthony or others, but a certain feeling of being played around, as if something has been forgotten, but I feel powe