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n the picture. Some small 西安夜生活第一论坛网 circles in London are very famous, especially for older men…”

“Medicinal diet? Dog meat pot?” Duke Ross, who was caught in a certain pity, his face suddenly turned black, and his hands folded a small folding fan. He twisted and snarled furiously, “The damn guy, dog? He actually eats dog meat? Ah…”

Shaun lowered 西安耍耍网 his voice: “The neighborhoods on Medicine Street say that he is himself. If you don’t eat it, he thinks that dog meat has no special characteristics…but his secret dog meat pot sells very well, usually half a month in advance…”

Duke Rose’s roar stopped abruptly, she gritted her teeth and said coldly: “Really, one by one really decent people!”

At this moment, a bucket was mixed with the blood of the bull and the tongue of her husband. The blood plasma had all been spilled on the fanatical typewriter, turning into mung bean-sized blood beads swirling in the typewriter.

The 西安夜生活论坛 typewriter shivered with satisfaction, and countless mechanical buttons shook up and down for a while.

A line of bloody handwriting floated up.

“Come on, I’m ready… The cruel Queen of the Empire, and, you a group of vicious accomplices, come and ravage me, trample 新西安夜网 on me, abuse me, and squeeze me…”

Then, a line of handwriting came quickly. Came out.

“I’m Margaret III, damn, what is it that I have to deal with? Was it the Kingdom of Saint Xia who attacked the port of Tulum, and their “brave and warlike” sailors landed; or did the “brave and belligerent” elites of the Lucian Empire and his doglegs detour to Tulum to launch an attack on us? ‘

‘ You can not allow a poor, often in the edge of a nervous breakdown old woman, a little easier Why? ”

Philip Gillette, Lal Vig, Duke of Ross at the same time in the direction of avid typewriter bowed, Ludwig Lal Chen Sheng said: “His Majesty, forgive the ministers and other incompetents. Only you can make the final decision on this matter.”

Before Margaret III habitually complained about it, Viglar quickly took a look at what hap