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From your ascension 新西安夜网 to gods, you use Gawain as a test object and make him From the beginning, I knew: You have become a monster, Leviathan’s blood dominates you, and you have become a monster!”

“Absurd!” Arthur said coldly, “I dominate. Everything!”

“Forget it, Your Majesty.”

Maxwell smiled indifferently, 西安耍耍网 “You can’t even dominate me, can you?”

Then, he looked at Arthur’s chest, his eyes mocking more and more.

That scar.

Being watched by him, it seemed as if the phantom pain had returned again.

Arthur’s expression became more and more ugly, staring at Maxwell coldly, just watching, Maxwell’s body wailed, Maxwell’s face pale, twitching without resistance, and blue veins emerged from his face.

“It seems that you really cherish your current identity.”

Arthur stretched out his hand and tapped his face: “Obviously, it’s just a shell, but it’s so decent. If it wasn’t for you just now, I would almost forget what you are. What is it.

I shouldn’t have said anything to you that is not even a human being. This is my fault.”

He paused, but suddenly reached out, pinched Maxwell’s neck, and forced him. Lifted from the ground, the Dragon 西安桑拿网 Slaying Spear tore through the wound, causing Maxwell to roar fiercely.

“Listen, Maxwell, I haven’t completely dismantled you into a pile of tatters now, because you are still a little useful.”

Arthur looked at him coldly: “If you really have a little attachment to this world, wait for everything. It’s over. I can leave this broken place of 西安夜生活论坛 Avalon for you, so that you can play a game of love and affection with humans-but now, you better cooperate a little bit.”


Maxwell squeezed out of his teeth. sound.

Arthur sneered.

“You can’t help but don’t forget who created you.”

He stretched out his hand, and the silent stone sword on the ground flew up on its own and fell into his hand, making him laugh mockingly: “Look, even if you live Go against the bone, but always obey.”

Arthur’s right hand reversed, and the sword in the stone was lifted and