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ely desperate, as if the tree was rotten, but he began to give birth to new hope and new life.

Klein half-turned I crossed my body and pointed to the solidified gray mist with the lantern in my hand:

When did you try to open this 新西安夜网 barrier? What gain? The

high priest Nim said frankly:

It was the Lord’s oracle at first, He Let us try to pass through this mist while watching.

After the earth was cursed, we took this as the main direction in order to find hope, but there was no real gain. No matter what method we use, this piece of solidification

Nim didn’t respond to the fog. At this point, Nim hesitated for a while: It’s

not completely unresponsive, but it’s not the response we wanted.

Klein saw hope at once, and kept his speech at a normal rate, and asked:

Yes What’s your reaction?

Seeing that the high priest hesitated and didn’t answer immediately, Xin said actively:

High priest, Your Excellency Sparrow has separated part of the mist just now, which is deeper than what we did in these 西安夜生活第一论坛网 two or three thousand years!

Nim couldn’t help but deeply. Glancing at Gehrman Sparrow, then he said:

More than 1,730 years ago, the high priest at the time had an inspiration in front of the cruel fact that Yuecheng had tried and failed for nearly two thousand years.

He felt You can’t treat this mist as a barrier that needs to be opened and a seal that needs to be broken through, but treat it as a great existence.

He designed the honorable name, prayer words and corresponding symbols for this mist, and held it here. Another ceremony, try to communicate, try to pray.

This is really a way of thinking that normal people can’t think of. I didn’t think about it. Sure enough, after so many years, Yuecheng must have a lot of strange thinking people. More than three thousand years of time are not for nothing. Klein felt a moment of emotion and nodded slightly. :

Afterwards, there was feedback?

Nim replied in the affirmative with a nasal tone, and then said:

Once, the high priest changed