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t the Dark Arts club and invited Lockhart as an instructor. This won the support of a group of Lockhart fans, but this incident was not organized by her, but by A senior student who admired Lockhart established a club called “Admiring Guidro Lockhart”.

Hermione soon discovered 新西安夜网 that this club was different from what she had imagined, so she wanted to invite Albert Together they set up their own defense against the Dark Arts club.

“Sorry, I’m afraid it won’t work.” Albert shook

his head and refused. He is very busy . He has twelve courses to attend, and there are several clubs to participate in. There is no extra Go to the Defense Against the Dark Arts club at the same time.

However, Albert gave Hermione some advice and asked her to invite Harry Potter to join the club.

“Is this really okay?”

“You didn’t notice Loha Does Professor Te pay special attention to Harry Potter?” Albert reminded: “If you want to succeed, you need to pull Harry Potter into the club, because Lockhart is only interested in Harry Potter , Believe me, as long as Harry Potter is in the Defense 西安夜生活网 Against the Dark Arts club, Lockhart will definitely be willing to come and guide you.”

“Why is Professor Lockhart interested in Harry?” Hermione was puzzled.

“I don’t know, maybe Lockhart is interested in Harry’s defeat of the mysterious man!” Albert made an excuse casually Perfunctory Hermione, he knows that a club that starts from learning the defense against the dark arts has no attraction

to Lockhart. Only Harry can attract Lockhart.

Although Hermione still does not understand Ai Bert meant it, but she knew that Harry simply avoided Lockhart, and it was impossible to join the “Defense Against the Dark Arts Club” unless… Hermione soon thought of a solution.

Chapter 558 Hagrid’s Gift

Hermione is an actionist and soon established the Defense Against the Dark Arts club.

Although 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Albert does not know how she convinced Harry Potter, Hermione did successfully invite Harry and Luo En joined the club. The

only proble