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Confident! Proud! Proud Huaxia round-faced fat chicken! Cuckoo!

Chapter 68 You are embarrassing me, Fat Tiger!

Elena looked around. It has been almost a month since she came here last time. During this time, everything in the room seemed to be automatically repaired. a.

those fine silverware were knocked back on the thin legs of the table, quietly spinning, puffing smoke.

Phineas Nigellus ? the frame has also been re-hung 西安耍耍网 back on the wall, The portraits of Hogwarts’ former headmasters and heads were all dozing in the frame, and their heads leaned back lazily on the armchair or the portrait. On

the perch by the door, the phoenix with beautiful golden and red tail feathers glanced at the little silver-haired girl. Loli, her paw moved 西安夜生活第一论坛网 slightly in the direction of Dumbledore, and she continued to comb its feathers.

“I have survived the beating that should be beaten, and I have recognized the mistake that should be recognized; about how to deal with Gringotts I also deduced the follow-up plan on the manuscript paper; in the branch, I think it’s not wrong for everyone to take the initiative to speak out their ideas, so “I

didn’t wait for Dumbledore to speak again, and Elena said like a cannon. A large pile,

turned sideways, grabbed the knob again, and twisted it hard. The

door still couldn’t be opened. Elena turned to look at Dumbledore.

“Let me out.” The girl said.

“No. “Dumbledore said simply. The

two looked at each other for a few seconds.

“Let me out.” Elena said again.

“No.” Dumbledore repeated what he said just now.

Bang! Bang! 新西安夜网

Elena kicked hard. He kicked the wooden door, turned back helplessly, covered his ears with both hands in angrily, raised his head and looked at the old man, “Okay, then you can say it.”

This child, sometimes it is really difficult to accurately evaluate and define her, Dumbledore shook his head reluctantly.

“Perhaps, I think, before all the topics 西安夜生活网 begin, I first need to apologize to you.” The

old man thought