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ect Baron Sindras to do such a thing. Poor Caron, he is planning to take his family to Wintershire to spend the summer. Mary Short said apologetic and resentfully.

Klein responded calmly:

I agree with your opinion of Caron, he It’s unfortunate.

However, this matter may not have been done by Baron Sindras, it may be a trap against him.

Lady Mary nodded solemnly:

I have heard this speculation. It is said that the police department is planning to ask a powerful forensic doctor to help dissect the corpse and find the clues that have been missed. The

last half of her sentence was heard in Klein’s ear, and it was automatically replaced by the police department’s plan to invite someone from the Dark Night Church. A powerful’psychic’ inspected the body and looked for the missing clues. I

don’t know what to find. Klein raised his right hand and

tapped clockwise on his chest four times: May the goddess bless Karon to rest in peace and kill him. The murderer will be punished.

Mrs. Mary responded with the same etiquette, and then said:

In order to prevent you from being 西安耍耍网 affected by this incident, I plan to purchase your shares in advance and add an additional premium of 1,000 to the current highest price. Pound.

You don’t have to worry about my funds. The thing I have been busy with recently is borrowing money from the bank.

Klein sighed and smiled:

I am very grateful for your kindness, but if you want to talk about the advance transfer of shares, you have to go to the church. Donated to them, intending to use the income in exchange to establish a student fund for the poor. It

was the first time that Mrs. Mary heard this news, she was shocked for a while and could not speak.

After a full ten seconds, she Then I sighed quietly and said:

Your character, your generosity, and your wisdom all admire me very much. While

speaking, she looked at 西安夜网论坛 Dawn Dantes with a little more admiration.

Klein modestly All the credit was given to the goddess, then he paused and asked

with a serious