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tive to hold Hermione’s hand 西安夜网论坛 and pulled her away, clearly feeling that Hermione’s wrist was trembling slightly. For a 13-year-old witch, he experienced this in a short time. The scene of multiple killings really embarrassed her.

In a moment of silence, the three returned to the meeting room.

Everyone except them is already here, Fren is carrying Bok who has passed out in a coma, and Aysia holds some well-preserved black magic items in his hands, which seems to be taken back to study.

“Since it’s all 西安夜生活论坛 here, let’s go quickly, and those Aurors should come after a while!” Dougt looked out the window. The movement here has caused some commotion.

Ivan nodded. The Bojinbok Magic Shop is different from his magic shop. It is too close to Diagon Alley. Maybe someone will notify the Ministry of Magic. If they accidentally collide with the Auror 西安夜生活网 who came to investigate, then But it’s troublesome!

“What about these corpses? Don’t you need to deal with them?” Ivan looked around, looked at the badly damaged magic shop around and the corpses of the black-robed wizards on the ground, and asked aloud.

In view of the fact that he has watched a lot of criminal investigation dramas in his previous life, Ivan is worried that the Ministry of Magic will follow the clues to trace him.

“Don’t worry, they are the wanted criminals of the Ministry of Magic. If they die, they will die. This is Knock Down Alley again. Those Aurors at most received notifications and walked 西安桑拿网 through the cutscene.” Doug shook his head, disdainfully. Said, and then threw the ledger previously found from Bok to a conspicuous place.

Bok has been operating this dark magic shop for so long, of 新西安夜网 course, it is impossible not to order black materials, just like this portable ledger records a large number of sales information of dangerous goods.

Among these buyers and sellers, there are some rich and powerful pure-blood families. No matter what the Ministry of Magic will do after getting the ledger, they will definitely share a lot of energy…