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Dean Agata’s rich life experience can naturally see Nanjing Longfeng’s plan, but she doesn’t care that this orphanage that has devoted her life’s efforts is labeled as a Chinese. As long as those orphans like Elena can grow up smoothly and have a craft to support their families, what difference does it make to work for?

Happily put away the plan, Dean Agata took off his glasses, “Yuri, Irina,西安桑拿网 thank you for everything you do for the children.”

“Thank you also for your enlightened selflessness” Nanjing Longfeng stood up and Agata Hug gently, and then motioned to Elena to send a check for $500,000.

While Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix was paving the way for the future, Ivan the Great, who was still in Minsk, also contacted Boroshank, the Ukrainian arms dealer who had participated in two auctions.

From the earliest purchase of naval guns to the help he sought when he went to Moldova, and the two 西安夜生活第一论坛网auctions, now this Boroshenko is definitely an acquaintance of the club even if he is not a friend. He took the initiative to contact the business delivered to the door, and he naturally had no reason to refuse.

The two parties agreed on the time and place to meet. After the big Ivan hung up, he directly 西安耍耍网 dialed Nanjing Longfeng, “Yuri, get ready to come back. I have agreed with Mr. Boroshenko to meet the day after tomorrow.”

Chapter 482 and Arms Dealers

Odessa, on the coast of the Sea of ??Azov, a Soviet-era sanatorium still provides Soviet-style recuperating services for tourists from all over the world.

After revisiting the old place, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix, Da Yiwan and 西安夜生活论坛 others naturally felt a lot. The naval gun on the icebreaker came from here. Unexpectedly, how long has passed since they came here again to purchase arms.

He Tianlei and others were left to wait in the reception room on the 西安夜生活网 first floor. Nanjing Longfeng and Da Yiwan followed the middle-aged woman who had received them when they bought the naval gun and took the elevator to the top floor palace of this Stalin-style building.