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ame in, smiled and greeted each 西安桑拿网 other, and then left.

Then each did its own thing.

When leaving the locker room, Mina suddenly turned back and said, “Don’t worry, even if you leave here, you will always be with Dani.”

Doni couldn’t help being startled. She stepped out of the locker room subconsciously, but saw a figure outside the door, as if she had been waiting 西安夜网论坛 here early, “Master Tabinai!” Donnie was

startled, and then He hurriedly greeted the housekeeper.

only heard Tabinasha at this time. The supervisor smiled and said: “Don’t be nervous, I’m just visiting the dormitory, have you all finished bathing.”

Doni flushed and nodded.

Supervisor Tabina said: “If this is the case, then rest early, right, Mina, come with me, there are some things I want to ask you alone.”

“Okay.” The girl Mina didn’t 新西安夜网even think about it. He agreed.

Donnie just looked at it strangely, and didn’t ask anything. Although it is rare for the House Superintendent to ask someone alone at this time, it happens occasionally.

She watched Mina follow behind the wardens, and gradually walked into the dark part of the corridor, and they were no longer visible in a while.

She suddenly felt a sense of loss and shook her head. The girl quickly cleared up her mood and walked towards her room.

“Help Mina to lay the quilt?”

She thought of this, or she just slept in the same bed tonight.

“Oh, the key!” When the

girl returned to the room, she realized that when she left the locker room, she had forgotten to retrieve the room key because of a daze, so she had to rush back the same way.

Fortunately,西安夜生活论坛 she soon found the missing key in the locker room. The girl seemed to be playing.

“Go back.” Donnie smiled.

But she stopped suddenly because vaguely she seemed to hear the girl inside talking about her, although she knew that eavesdropping was bad behavior.

But I don’t know why, but there is an urge to listen quietly, she swallowed and spitted subconsciously, and then approached the door little by little, and pres