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ately he seemed to think we were joking. At that time, I wondered, Professor Quirrell was not afraid. Will the vampire come to trouble him?”

“You believe what he said?” Albert couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

“Then why did he stuff garlic in the big scarf on his head, the smell can be choked. Dead.” The Weasley brothers still insist that the big scarf must be stuffed with garlic.

“Who knows!” Albert murmured, “Maybe there is a big secret hidden in it.”

“What big secret? ?” Fred asked curiously, he was suddenly kind of direct, Albert’s guess may be true.

“How would I know, just guess.” Albert shrugged.

“Or, we fool Pepy Ghost went to pick up Professor Quirrell’s big scarf.” George’s eyes lit up and proposed. Of course, it is not easy to say that Pepy Ghost is not easy to move. They need to prepare something interesting for each other.

The idea 西安耍耍网 is still Albert. It is specially mentioned that the relationship between the two parties is still good now, that is, every time Pippi is asked to do something, they have to spend money.

“Albert, help me see, do these translations mean this?” Angeli Na interrupted the conspiracy of several people and handed the parchment she had just translated to Albert.

“It’s a pity… it’s all wrong.” Albert glanced at the translation on the parchment and gave the answer .

“Well, I really do not know, why would I want to choose this course.” Angelina little regret selected ancient Runes, that course for most students can not very friendly.

“I do this?”

Shannon refers to I refer to her homework, which is the answer she just translated through the “Runi Dictionary”.

For those weird and connected 新西安夜网 symbols, it is really difficult for students who are just getting started to understand, even if there is “Runi Dictionary” The literary dictionary is also difficult.

It is like learning a foreign language, sometimes it is really confusing, not to mention that it is more difficult to learn than a foreign language.

At first, everyone only needs to figure out w