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t’s it, okay?” Welsh sank when he saw the two guards’ knights staying still.

The two guard battalion knight masters were so scared that they nodded like chickens pecking rice, and then hurriedly drew back and evaded, never daring to look at me straight from beginning to end.

Sometimes, I have to say that the privileges of the nobility are really fascinating.

“Thank you, Prince of Wales!” I felt it was necessary to be polite, so I politely expressed 西安夜网论坛 my gratitude to Wales.

At this time, the pros and cons who were with the Prince of Wales and Qige had already followed one after another and gathered at the door of the Tower of Pride.

The Prince of Wales patted me on the shoulder cordially, then smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, if you need my help, just say yes, hey, Le Die mentioned you to me a few days ago, but it looks like she I don’t know if you have come to the imperial capital. If you have time, come to my place to sit down and report your name directly. No one will dare to stop you. Believe me, it will make you spend a pleasant afternoon. I think, You have to slowly try to integrate into my life, don’t you?”

Seeing Qige standing by, with a smile in his eyes, I thought to myself that I should leave here quickly, not sure when I will show some of my 西安夜生活论坛 feet. , It would be embarrassing. Although Wales looks kind and amiable, he is a real prince after all.

I understand the metaphor in the words of the Prince of Wales. He wants me to try to contact some people around Yingli. After all, these are things that I must face in the future.

I tactfully declined the invitation of the Prince of Wales, listening to the sincere words of the Prince 西安夜生活网 of Wales, looking at his kind and kind eyes.

“Thank you for your invitation. I think if I have time, I will definitely come to visit.” I always feel that he always wants to find opportunities to talk to me well. He wants to know me, but I don’t want to approach him. In front of him, I have to think for a long time even to say a word. In front of him,