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tered the Garden of Eden, source fort provided The real vision was suppressed, and Klein could only use the other person’s perspective to observe the surrounding situation, just like the fixed lens of Queen Mystic Bernadette on the original island. This also explains the Garden of Eden to some extent. The personality of a spiritual city.

Klein then tapped the edge of the mottled long table, showing a pen and paper, ready to write his thoughts Come out.

This is not because he 西安夜生活网 can’t analyze it purely by thinking, but facing the existence of Adam, repeatedly deliberating and examining every detail is something that must be done. Therefore, it is helpful for him to look back over and over again when it is written on paper. Checking the gaps: The

basic premise is: Adam has been promoted to Sequence 0 with the help of the previous Total War, 西安桑拿网 becoming a true god, and can be called a “dreamer”.

Miss Justice happened to become a sequence some time after the death of Hvin Rambis The’manipulator’ of 4 can persuade others but cannot persuade Adam.

What does Adam want to do? Arranging a sequence 4 saint does not conform to him, the’daydreamer’. ‘Identity, unless, he has other plans. Is

his real goal the spiritual dragon or the me behind Miss Justice? In

this regard, we must be vigilant and not careless. In the

Garden 西安夜网论坛 of Eden, the Psychological Alchemy Council panel is located. That church is a bit like Adam’s Corpse Church, but it’s just a bit like. It only has a different number of skulls inlaid on the stone pillars outside, and there is no corresponding arrangement inside, and the color is dark and very dark. What does this mean? What 新西安夜网 does

the gray-white dragon wrapped around the huge cross symbolize? The effort to resurrect the Creator has successfully taken the first step?

Uh, Adam is already a’dreamer’. If his father or the original creator returns, he will be the first to be unlucky. It must be him. He is willing to sacrifice himself for this? This is the meaning of paranoia?

The rabbi