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It should be said that half of what he said is true, “Wizard’s emotions It will affect their spells.”

“I will try again.” Shanna felt that the chocolate beans in her mouth were a bit sweet. She took a deep breath, and after trying several more times, she finally successfully lit her wand. The tight little face also showed an excited smile.

However, the light on Shanna’s wand quickly went out.

“You need to concentrate, and you 西安耍耍网 need to practice a lot, and you will definitely succeed.” Albert comforted.

“I thought you would go to the library.” Lee Jordan sat down next to Albert, looked suspiciously at Shanna who was practicing the spell, and asked, “I didn’t bother you?”

“What about the two of them? ”

I don’t know.” Seeing Shanna practising the glowing spell, George also took out his wand to practice. His glowing spell is still at the level of a half-hearted.

“What’s the situation with me.”

“Probably your attention is not focused 西安桑拿网 enough .” !”

“What is approximate?” Li Qiaodan was a little depressed, but he still started to concentrate on practicing. Although there is still time for the next curse class, the curse is to be mastered earlier.

“How can this be considered successful?”

“You are not paying attention. Focusing on your wand, you can continue to keep it glowing. I think this should be considered a success!” Albert stopped turning the book and thought for a while to answer.

After some hard work, Li Qiaodan’s The light spell is not easy to extinguish.

Of course, that was the situation where he focused on the wand. Although Shanna’s progress was slower, the effect was still very good.

It turns out that as long as you practice hard, most of the spells are not counted. Too difficult to grasp.

“Where did you go?” The

twins finally appeared in the auditorium at about eight-thirty, and neither of them looked pretty.

“Filch just took away most of our big dung bombs.” Fred gritted his teeth and said.

“What’s the matter?” Albert looked at the two suspiciously and asked, “