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re here in Raitu After 西安耍耍网 building a strong wall, there is a safest habitat for the entire drowning mooring here. Az, you see, all people must pass by us if they want to enter the death swamp. This is before entering the death swamp, The closest camp to the death swamp.”

“People on the Pai Plateau. Why didn’t you come to the death swamp to hunt the swamp zombies? The answer is simple. The swamp is full of dangers. People walking alone are easily ambushed by death sickles. The death rate here is 西安桑拿网 very high. Known as the death swamp. And the living conditions in the swamp are extremely difficult, the fog is permeated all day long, and there is no sunlight. If there is no fire in it, after a long time, the legs and feet will start to grow slowly. Poisonous sores, slowly decay, and the body will be invaded by the toxins in the swamp, causing various discomforts. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 So people know that the swamp zombies are rich in magic crystals, and they are unwilling to set foot in the death swamp to kill them!”

“If we will A small trade transfer station is built here, or at the beginning, it can also be a campsite for those people to rest. We can sell some portable food, like those grilled sausages that are not easy to spoil, with a salty taste Of course, there is also the most important antidote potion. You still have the formula of Guoguo sister. According to the herbal configuration, the poisonous mist of the Swamp Corpse King can still poison people. , And other medicines suitable for use in the swamp. There are also the tools for catching, which can also be rented, or bought and sold. Anyway, those people must be made to understand that ordinary weapons cannot cause harm to those zombies and 西安夜生活网 need to be used more. Sharp wind fangs or weapons made of devil antelope horns.”

“But the prerequisite is to have a strong wall! This will slowly form a virtuous circle, and people will continue to come and be successfully hunted. Swamp zombies made a lot of money. Bring the news to other orcs. As long as they want to enter th