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his figure disappeared. Then, he flashed out of the darkness more than ten feet away.

The talent of the abyssal dark elves is the power of darkness. Joe has the ability to travel through darkness similar to the Great Swamp Shadow Wolf.

Joe’s cheerful and happy laughter sounded in the room.

In the next instant, Joe’s laughter sounded directly at the door of Mr. Segons’ room, and then Joe knocked on Mr. Segons’ door: “Mr. Segons…is there any news? I can’t wait to do it. What’s the order!”

Chapter 284 Juncker

whispered about the chicken feathers of the Forest Club while preparing the medicine at 158 ??Qingsong 新西安夜网Street.

Hundreds of police surrounded the club. Criminal investigators from the Police Department carefully surveyed the club for clues. Several blocks nearby were completely sealed off.西安夜生活第一论坛网 Large groups of senior police officers with silver and gold stars hanging on their epaulettes appeared from time to time.

The case is a bit big.

In the underground treasure house of Whispering Forest Club, let alone the looted property, the few nobles who died were a big case that could shake the empire.

How many years has no high-ranking nobleman in the Empire died because of criminal cases?

This time, Whispering Forest Club directly died of a marquis with a long family heritage, and two heirs to the duke with very strong family power died together.

Appearing in the Whispering Forest Club, there are only police officers from the Police Department, but in fact, the capable personnel of the major intelligence agencies of the Durham Empire, the senior inspectors of the Ministry of Supervision, and even the special envoys of the Imperial Noble House have all been included. turn up.

At the entrance of the club’s underground treasure house, Justice Wei Lun, who was wrapped in a mink coat, was sitting on the ground, his face pale, his pupils dilated, and his eyes scattered looking at the open treasure house door.

Several police department experts with a golden star hanging on their epaule