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he table tiredly, waved his hand, and said weakly.

“Mr. Minister”

The wizards standing in the front exchanged their eyes, and Barty Crouch took a deep breath. The expression became particularly ugly, “Gringotts”

Next to Mr. Crouch, Amelia Burns, the current director of the Magic Law Enforcement Department, went on to say stiffly, “Gringotts declared that there were not enough rubles reserves, 新西安夜网 and closed the Jin Jialong and the ruble this morning. The exchange window between time.”

The square-chinned witch adjusted her monocle and tried to suppress the anger in her heart.

“The Ministry of Magic and Interior of the Soviet Union is now in a state of indefinite suspension due to internal reorganization and differences. Simply come. Say, we have almost lost all the channels through which Jin Jialong can be exchanged for the 西安夜生活论坛 trivial Muggle country paper.”

“That’s really bad news.”

Connelly Fudge shook his cheeks. Trying hard to squeeze a relaxed smile. The

situation is far worse than they thought.

Maybe the Ministry of Magic and the Hogwarts board of directors can raise so many gold gallons, but the redemption currency on that damn mortgage contract It’s actually the currency of a Muggle country.

Even without bothering with the staff of the Ministry of Magic’s trade department, Fudge can clearly realize that if he wants to use private transactions with foreign wizards, he will slowly get enough ruble loans for that day. The gap is simply an impossible thing. After

another difficult silence,

a strange cough suddenly sounded behind the crowd.

“herm, hem”

didn’t seem to feel the dignity 西安夜生活网 of the atmosphere, Umbridge maintained She said in her sharp and thin voice, “Mr. Minister, Arthur Weasley of the (Muggle Prohibition Division) is here, maybe we can ask his opinion?”

Arthur Weasley?

Yes, if the ministry needs to select a “Muggle player”, then Arthur Weasley can definitely rank in the top three.

Fudge looked up expectantly and looked towards the door. He knew that Weasley h