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are you getting more and more used to using the power of the Happy Witch to deal with male Klein’s belly and slandered a few words, making Seneol laughed:

This is not a problem, you can show him your previous photos.

Triss was stunned, her expression showing a slightly distorted state, there was a feeling of shame buried deep in her heart being dug out alive, exposed to the sun.

Her delicate eyes were covered with a layer of origin. Yu was irritated and angry, and her pale face instantly flushed from the injury.

Triss quickly contained her emotions, sighed, and said in a low voice: As expected of the’Admiral of

Blood’, approach the Witch Sure enough,

she has a deep enough understanding. She was not sure before. I thought that the Witch Sect and the Rose School had cooperated, so she believed that the Blood Admiral knew the secret of the assassin’s way. This was the joke no matter what, It is not good to mock other 西安桑拿网 people’s gender. Well, this is quite in line with the rules of the master of the blood admiral. One of the rules of the puppet master is to remember that every puppet has its own setting? Triss just now Therefore, mentioning the previous photos seems to simply vent the torture and get rid of the joy and excitement of an enemy, and did not pay special attention to the details in the description. Klein nodded thoughtfully and manipulated Seneol:

When I reach my level,

he will always learn a lot of secrets. He did not continue this topic, and instead said:

How should I contact you?

In your investigation of Viscount Stratford, I may be able to provide some help.

Terry Silk stretched her hand to her ears and grabbed a handful of dark, smooth hair. Then, the faint blue ice flakes condensed and cut a 西安夜生活网 bunch of them.

She immediately spread out the palms holding the strands of black hair, leaving the pitch black silent. The flames came out, burning each strand of hair into ashes.

These ashes were not blown up by the cold wind in the sewer, but contracted inward and gathered