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o see the appearance of the person who attacked him. The person called Annie is probably a woman. Even if she is covered by a robe, her body is astonishingly burly, and her appearance is extremely heroic. The two sword eyebrows are slightly tilted, her eyes are long and narrow, and her hair is lifted backwards and tied in half. The ponytail upturned, showing a smooth forehead. If the voice were lower, he would believe that he was a man, but this appearance would make people a little jealous. That being the case, why didn’t you unlock Amy’s locks? This is another question. Yokoh had to repeat what I said before. I also thought for her safety. In case she didn’t believe me, it would be more dangerous to sneak out. . Where are you going to take her? Annie is obviously not as good as Amy. She was noncommittal about what Yorko said and gave it to the King of Greycastle. Of course not. He changed his words quickly, my old friend. He doesn’t treat witches as slaves. There are many witches living in his territory, just like normal people, and they have also formed an organization to protect the rights of the same kind enough, Anne sternly interrupted. Yokoo shut his mouth abruptly. These things were inquired about when he was chatting with Hill. When he heard that the evil epidemic broke out in the capital before, His Majesty relied on the power of the Witch League to contain the disease from the church. This is obviously a good thing, but he doesn’t know why the other’s face has become so ugly. It sounded the same as the Bloodfang Society, Annie’s voice turned coldly, they used to promote this. Yokoo was startled by the blood, and said inwardly that he was not good. The witch can only believe in herself, not the noble’s promise. She glanced at the room and quickly found the key hanging on the wall. Wait, you want to take her out of here, but it’s underground. You saw it when you came in. The cave is full of guards. I have my own way of how you want to get out. You don’t need to worry about it. Annie opened the lock,