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town, 西安夜网论坛 and then temper it out as soon as possible.”

Sweet red lips opened slightly.

Song Er smiled at this time: “In other words, from the beginning, they are equivalent to your power of revenge.”

Gan Hong was silent for a moment, “Why.”

Song Er sighed and said: “Of course it was because the master and the youngest agreed. Gan Hong, the senior and the youngest actually know your ideas 西安夜生活网 better than anyone else. Of course, let you become Miss Ying’s guard, and you successfully became very good friends. But from the beginning to the end, you have never asked Miss Ying to help you with this matter. The master and the youngest think that you sincerely regard Miss as a friend, not a tool for your revenge.”

Gan Hong lowered her head in silence. .

Song Er said again: “We all know that if you take the initiative to open this mouth to Miss Ying, she will help you anyway with her personality. But you never even, when the master gave you to Master Qiu in advance, great After giving you this idea, you would rather choose to become Master Qiu’s woman than to open this mouth to Miss Ying, right? Gan Hong, human heart is made of flesh, especially this time, you gave up your life to save Miss, your persistence finally 西安桑拿网 touched the master, so he gave you these reserves. As for me, of course, I will be a staff member of your team. Of course, this will have to wait for you to get better.”

“Second instructor ”

I don’t want to use my most cherished friend as a tool for my own revenge.” Song Er reached out and held Gan Hong’s head at this time, “From now on, you will even have graduated.”

Only the fiery red Yunxia remained . .

Gan Hong looked at Yunxia from the distance, already wearing the silver bracelet she had taken off. The evening breeze was a bit cool, Gan Hong picked up her tousled hair, and suddenly remembered that not long ago, the old man put it in front of everyone. When I gave it to Master Qiu.

At that time, Master Qiu said that he would find an appropriate time to talk to his father and let