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going to die soon. Behind the monster, the strangely quiet Thunder Fury soldiers began to rush towards the city. Chapter 155: Soldiers Running Away Five days is not short, but long is really fleeting. When the scheduled attack time arrived, Pompeii’s troops once again formed a formation outside the city of Winter. Military flags are in full display, people screaming, and the re-engineered siege equipment is waiting. The infantry brigade looked solemn and quietly awaited the order to launch an attack. Among the Pompeii soldiers with an average of less than one blade eight, the strong man with more than two blades in Baiduhao was very eye-catching, 西安桑拿网 like a group of ducks mixed with a few big white geese. Not only are they big, their equipment is also very different from others. At first glance, they are all the most sophisticated and expensive heavy armor, and the size of the battle ax they hold is quite exaggerated. They stood together in a group and didn’t like to communicate with other Pompeii soldiers, but laughed from time to time among themselves, which seemed extremely harsh in the quiet early morning. This is of course the barbarian warrior of Gaoshan Fort. The body structures of the Skull Lizardmen and Centaur are quite special, and they are not suitable for siege warfare, so today only Lord Lord takes all the barbarian warriors to participate. A whole circle of crystal bottles is pinned to Richard’s belt, all of which are high-label holy water, shining with dazzling 西安夜网论坛 golden light, setting him off as a very upstart. Since Suffolk had said that the expeditionary army would support Alpine Fort as much as possible, he had been careful and took the opportunity to smash the wool from the Ice and Snow priest. The dwarf blacksmith in Alpine Fort does not lack ordinary equipment at all, and the upper-grade magic weapons will not be given to him at all. The holy water is one of the few things that can be obtained, and it is somewhat useful, and it is immediately missed by the thieves. One bottle per per