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see him all day.

During this period of time, Yingli was also helped by Mrs. Manda. He asked the leatherworker to make a total of four pairs of leather gloves. As soon as he got it in his hand, he ran to the magic laboratory to find me. I just 西安夜生活网 finished it. The drawing of a set of earth shields, seeing Yingli bringing Helena and Becky to visit me, he brought them into the Yerkes Scholar Lab.

Entering the magic laboratory, there is a row of human-shaped wooden shelves in front of the bookshelves on the wall, and the magic patterns of the power of the giant bear on the wooden shelves are neatly placed on the wall, like a row of armored structures sitting in a house The 西安夜生活论坛 Cavaliers surprised Ying Li.

Yingli found that these are all magic pattern constructions, so he ran over curiously, stood beside the human-shaped wooden frame, carefully looked at these magic pattern constructions, and asked when facing me: “Giga, these magic pattern constructions You did it all?”

“Yeah, after half a month of busy work, I’m finally done.” I said to Yingli.

After 新西安夜网 finishing speaking, I pointed to the only three sets of leather armors left without magic patterns on the test bench. I saw that Becky and Helena looked at the magic patterns on the wooden frames with envy. So she said to them: “When you become first-ranking fighters, I will tailor two sets of magic patterns for you.”

Helena gave me a white look, with a charming smile in her eyes, and whispered flushed, “Who wants Your magic pattern structure!”

Yingli took out the four pairs of black shiny heavy leather gloves from the magic pocket and handed them to my hand.

“It’s done so soon?” I took over the heavy leather gloves and asked Yingli.

“En.” At this time, Yingli’s gaze fell on the bookshelf of the Yakis scholar, checking the names of those magic books. Most of those magic books were related to Ming design. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Yingli had no interest in this kind of magic books. I like to read magic books about magic herbs.

I said to Yingli: “Wait here for a while, and