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t was restored.

This made Klein couldn’t bear it. I sighed with emotion:

Secret authority is really powerful! Even if Ms. Arianna quietly interrogated my secret puppet one day, I would 西安夜生活第一论坛网 never know

At this time, Arianna turned her body and said to him on the balcony: It

can be basically confirmed that there is

something wrong with George III and where the underground ruins are. I will immediately meet with the archbishops of Storm Church and Steam Church in Backlund. , To persuade them to start the operation tonight and open the ruins.

Before I 西安桑拿网 inform you, you control Qunas Korg, pretend that everything is good for him, and then let him disappear.

This is worry and storm. During the negotiation between the church and the Steam Church, it was discovered that Qunas Korg had a problem. He closed the underground ruins ahead of time or activated other emergency plans? Klein knew about it and nodded:

No problem. The

hair is simply covered. Arianna didn’t say much 西安耍耍网 about this matter, and she took a picture of the iron pocket watch:

This sealed artifact came from the gift of George III, and perhaps some clues can be found from its earlier origins.

The meaning is that you want to take it? Klein responded without resisting:

It will be handed over to you.

Regarding this, he did not complain, and even thought it should be like this. After all, half of the credit for this battle is in Arianna’s secret world. And blessings of doom, in this case, even if the other party did not take the concerto of light and shadow, Klein would take the initiative to propose, in this regard, he has always been fair.

And that concerto of light and shadow is the least wanted piece of all the trophies, because of this It is incompatible with the way of fighting with the magic mage, 西安夜网论坛 the random change will inevitably affect his own performance, and weaken him far more than the enemy.

Klein has just considered that if the trophy he got is this pocket watch, then I have to flicker, no, sell it to Will Ancetin, th