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ier’s father, Viscount Miller, to several other uncles and distant relatives, All were summoned by the Imperial Supervision 西安耍耍网 Department and are undergoing the most severe review.

The Miller family, which was originally considered very decent in the imperial capital and lived very well, almost collapsed.

Hillier was a woman, and she was not involved in all kinds of family affairs. At the same time, she was also a student of the Fourth University and was officially guarded by the Fourth University. So when the elders in the clan were jailed, she Did not 新西安夜网 lose freedom.

But the Miller family’s property was frozen, all bank accounts were locked, and all movable and immovable properties were seized by the Ministry of Supervision. Hillier immediately cut off his source of income and could no longer spend his time without restraint.

Hillier, anxious in his heart, immediately sought out Matthew, a top student of the Fourth University, 西安夜生活网 and at the cost of a spring breeze, instigated him to assassinate Joe… As expected, Matthew was killed by Joe’s guards in the street.

Hillier had another spring breeze for several times, bewitching a group of seniors from the Fourth University to make waves, and gathered a large group of passionate students to besiege Joe at the entrance of the Judicial University.

However, 西安桑拿网 Joe’s methods were too ruthless, and the director of the Judicial University Hamer was too short-handed, and Hillier’s small methods had no effect.

Hillier…hate, hate to the extreme.

Seeing the three-point drunkenness, but pretending to be a drunk “good girlfriend”, Hillier smiled slightly and gently shook the glass in his hand: “Don’t worry, my dear. The organizer of this party, actually It’s Senior Andrew… his identity, you 西安耍耍网 know, behind him is Governor-General Werner family of Lanin River.” With a

slight smile, Hillier said softly: “The one who came to the party this time has a status comparable to him. Aristocratic… dear, if you can hook one, even if you just be a lover who doesn’