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ly a 西安耍耍网 good calculation to think that Meyer can solve the immediate problem with just a recipe scroll, at least things are going in a good direction.

Our team hunts the swamp zombies and obtains magic materials as well as magic cores and crystals. If this matter were taken out a month ago, we would not agree to kill them, because we would never have thought that our team could kill the top level beasts. , At that time, it was contented if he could kill the demon antelope. But when we made an enhanced frost scroll, it seemed that our confidence suddenly expanded. We felt that in the swamp of death, at least we could save our lives. If we can’t, we even pay for senior people.

The Raitu tribe will be able to return to their homeland by taking the opportunity of cleaning the swamp zombies.

And there are a lot of sweet 西安夜生活网 potatoes growing on the edge of the death swamp. Once the zombies in the death swamp are cleaned up, the orcs who dig wild vegetables may be able to migrate there. There are endless sweet potatoes!

Thinking of this, I looked up and saw Gribastian’s eyes flashing with unprecedented light.


Meyer ’s question “Warchief Kurad’s injury is said to be very serious!” When Meyer

said these words, Kuz’s face suddenly turned pale, and he hurriedly removed the wooden bowl in his hand. Putting it on the ground, I saw his hand shaking violently at this moment. Meyer took a faint glance at Kuz, and said: “Warchief Kurad is no longer in charge of the blood wolf clan. Now the blood wolf clan of Gludin Town is temporarily in charge of his eldest son Kurt, and he is also a A very capable young werewolf. It is said that Kurad will be brought to the holy blood pool on the sacred mountain by Lord Kurpaolos for recuperation. I hope that this recuperation will make him completely better. He is really a very good warrior. Ruding Town is also well managed.”

“The famine in the year of the catastrophe made it difficult for the tribes around Gluding Town to depend on the blood wolf tribe to survive.