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was about 西安夜网论坛 to rise, He stopped suddenly and turned his head to ask.

Merlin, if you write a will, what will you write? It should be about knowledge transfer, right? So these things like wills are things that those of you who have unfinished wills will leave behind. You know that someone will replace you, and you are not alone.

What do you want to say? Merlin asked.

Lorenzo seemed to want to say something, but in the end he 西安夜生活网 swallowed it back. He just gave Merlin a thumbs up, then tightened the cable, and under the rotation of the winch, he rose to a high place, until the black angel was savage and calm. The posture appeared in front of his eyes

, as if he was welcoming Lorenzo, and with Lorenzo’s arrival, the dark scales were torn apart under the influence of flesh and blood, like opening a big mouth and swallowing 西安夜生活论坛 Lorenzo in one bite.

Chapter 60 Going Home The

sight is completely dark, but unlike the weapon master for the first test drive, Lorenzo can’t feel the cold metal, and instead greets him with a warm embrace.

As Lorenzo enters the black The angel, the inner wall is closely attached to him, perhaps because of the Holy Grail’s flesh and blood, the proportion of the monster’s flesh and blood in the black angel is much 西安耍耍网 higher, although it has not been activated, Lorenzo can already feel the slowly squirming flesh. A

weak electric current passed through Lorenzo’s body, causing him to feel a little bit more energetic. The Florent medicine injected in advance was also working, and the senses gradually became clear and the perception became more acute. He

began to warm up.

An icy command sounded in Lorenzo’s ears, and Merlin pulled down the valve in the outside world, and fuel began to be injected. Associate him with the Armor of Original Sin.

How did it feel, Lorenzo

Merlin’s voice sounded again and asked him.

Fortunately, let’s start.

Hearing Lorenzo’s response, Merlin nodded at the other person and entered the command, After a few seconds, thunder flashed across the darkn