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aningless wheel of hatred, I chose to bury my original magical chronology and hide the magical activities as much as possible under the daily operation of the non-magical world.

However, more than three hundred years have passed, 西安耍耍网 regardless of the world political situation, It is the social composition of the entire human civilization that has undergone earth-shaking changes. The wizards once again extend the magical tentacles into the non-magical world.

This time, it is softer and more hidden. It

was originally established based on regional culture. The magical governments of various countries have gradually become existences 西安夜生活网 that can establish diplomatic relations with various non-magical governments to a certain extent. Most of the heads of government have the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic who are responsible for daily security work, on the one hand, to counter other countries. On the other hand, the wizard’s behavior is to be able to counter the non-magical world at any time.

After all, the two world wars have greatly promoted 新西安夜网 the progress of science, and it is no longer the patent of wizards to flip the chessboard.

Perhaps in the small-scale special confrontation, the magical world is still in an absolute advantage. But in how to effectively kill humans and destroy the town’s terrain, the non-magic world has mastered terrible weapons that wizards have to treat with caution.

In this subtlety Under the circumstances, maybe she 西安夜生活论坛 can start a new era of magic from some inconspicuous places.

“Hannah, I have a bold idea”

glanced at the shivering flat-headed little owl, Elena tapped her fingers The thick book cover of “History of Magic” gradually brightens the eyes.

“Rather than passively learning historical knowledge, maybe we can do something more interesting”

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