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ard’s boots. With a stupid brain like a troll, it was impossible to learn witchcraft. Nehru, who knows two kinds of witchcraft, is definitely a qualified shaman, so he is increasingly unable to understand why Lord Lord values ??trolls so much-with the intelligence of these stupid things, it is impossible to adapt to the complicated battlefield environment. Then you dare to say that there will be a shaman in the monster? Richard put his hands around his chest. Gunther squeezed the coiled whip straight, raised his hand and flicked the whip. The iron-embedded whip fell on the wall with a loud bang, exploding a large piece of pine in the thumb into scattered wood wool. They are different from us. Nehru shivered, his mouth was faster than pouring beans. We have to learn from our predecessors to master the power of shamans, but giant monsters rely on awakening, and sometimes they can understand the power of shamans as soon as they wake up. Gunther turned his head to look at his lord, holding his whip eagerly, he thought this guy must be bullshit again. Richard waved his hand to stop him. In fact, Richard himself tended to believe this statement—the troll’s stupid head and brain simply couldn’t put anything into it, let alone tricks. Chapter 36 Carefully verify that the lord of the mountain fort is determined to win the giant shaman. Every time Nehru describes the giant shaman, Richard sees his disdain, but he also mentions that the giant becomes a saman. It’s easy to fill, and witchcraft is so powerful, it sounds sour no matter how you hear it. There is no unprovoked love or unprovoked hatred in this world. The more contradictory the attitude, the more explanatory. In Richard’s view, out of ten trolls have unique talents in witchcraft. With the poor learning ability of giant monsters, their ability to comprehend witchcraft is an excellent interpretation of their talents. In the natural state, their chaotic minds limit the spell play. But is too low intelligence a problem for Richard? Not at all! There is