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ith Ampene, and now even Earl Quinn’s words, he doesn’t listen very much. After drinking the tea, Otto got up and was about to leave, and suddenly ran into the room on the 76th. Your sir, the witch you auctioned is back. Two eyes, cough and cough, recommend two books, 1 Ku Xuanjun’s new work The Daily Life of the Immortal King has been signed for the first time on the Qiyuan Channel of the starting point. Brothers and sisters who have watched the drama of Nanxi Qimu’s Disaster, may like this work. 2 The Al Chronicle of the Shadow of Dawn, a refreshing healing fantasy, you can go and see if you are interested. Text Chapter 671 About the turbulent situation, Yoko suddenly lamented in his heart. Lewen Novels | Damn it, don’t you see each other again? If you have trouble finding an ambassador is just a polite remark, don’t take it seriously! He and Otto looked at each other, and after hesitating for a while, he said, “Bring her in.” If it wasn’t the sponsor of the exhibition, he really wanted to move out directly. The ambassador is not in the house. Please come back next time. The door is missing. On the 76th, she took her hand and walked into the room. It was the tenth round of the black money auction, Amy. Seeing Yorko, the witch grabbed his arm anxiously, “My lord, please help us, Annie and the others are in danger!” Are they in danger? This is probably the worst kind of help. “Sit down first and make things clear,” he patted her on the shoulder and said, “What the hell was born?” “The place where we were hiding was discovered!” Amy After taking a few breaths, he said intermittently, “A large number of patrols surrounded the orphanage and blocked the neighborhood. I saw more than the team of knights searching for the witch from street to street, but others were still trapped inside, please. Save them!” “Apart from you and Annie, are there any other witches?” “There are heroes and broken swords. Heroes have no legs, so they can only rely on Annie to act on their backs.” This is troublesome enough. , Actually hidin